In the latest version of V-Ray for 3ds Max there is a material called VRaySoftBox. This material can be applied to a V-Ray Plane Light or material which allows you to create detailed lights and reflectors that would normally be created using EXR or HDRI images. Instead of applying 3rd party maps for typical studio lights and shapes, you can now create these directly inside V-Ray and gain instant feedback via V-Ray RT when tweaking your studio lighting.

Within the VRaySoftBox material are the necessary tools to create various shapes, gradients and also change colour, which is something that is not possible when using EXR’s or HDRI’s without having to create a new map. This new feature was not intended as a speed increase for render times but it does introduce a more efficient workflow for creating studio environments.

We have created a few light types which are available for you to download for free and use within your 3ds Max studio environments. You can also use these as a basis for creating other light types or start your own from scratch knowing how these were created. Feel free to send us your light types and we will share them along with this selection.


To download our 3ds Max material library which includes circle, grid, ring, square, stripes and window light types, please click here.