• V-Ray 3 Metaballs - Bubbles 001

    Blowing bubbles using V-Ray Metaballs

    Simulating liquid behaviour in 3D applications can be a complex task and usually requires external plugins. These plugins are typically full of advanced controls for simulation that at first glance can be daunting. But for more simple simulations V-Ray Metaballs is a great alternative as you can get...

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  • FZ-E1 - Camera Close Up

    Panasonic Toughpad FZ-E1 Animation ‘Behind the Scenes’

    Working alongside the marketing and communications agency Proctor + Stevenson our task was to generate the 3D animated content to be used within a promotional video for the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-E1 as part of the Toughpad product range. This is our third product animation for Panasonic of which they...

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  • 3ds Max State Sets AE 1530x893

    Controlling lights in post using 3ds Max State Sets and Adobe After Effects

    Ken Pitts demonstrates how to use 3ds Max State Sets and Autodesk’s After Effects Plugin to make a lighting system that is fully controllable in post-production and to eliminate the need for tracking on simple objects such as a TV screen. This enables you to change the brightness and colour of...

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  • 3ds-Max-Skin-Morph

    Fix skinning issues in 3ds Max using Skin Morph

    Ken Pitts demonstrates how to use the Skin Morph modifier in 3ds Max to fix skinning problems. Skin Morph tools are not great for re-modelling joints so I show you how to import morph targets which you can model using all the normal tools. Also where you can use Skin Morph to fix common skinning

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  • GTX-TITAN-002

    GPU accelerated rendering with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN

    Since the introduction of GPU accelerated rendering, the demand for faster GPU computing has increased. The NVIDIA Quadro is the industry standard for 3D applications as their robust performance, specialised drivers and large amounts of video memory have long been a necessity when dealing with large...

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