• colour_mapping_cam

    Exponential and linear colour mapping in Vray

    Within Vray there are various processes and tools that we use to generate what we would consider to be a realistic rendered image. Options such as tone mapping, light intensity and camera exposure are fully configurable and can be moulded into what a 3D visualiser would name as their workflow. There...

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  • gamma_curve_001

    Gamma Correction and Linear Workflow explained

    The terms gamma correction and linear workflow has certainly started many debates about what is the correct way and what is the incorrect way, particularly in the 3D visualisation industry. The simple answer is, there is no correct or incorrect way. Think linear workflow as a tool, and a none-linear...

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  • vray_speed_tips

    Vray speed tips for 3d visualisation

    Here is a compiled list of tips that can improve Vray rendering speeds whilst maintaining a high level of quality. These tips come from my own experience, they may help improve your rendering, but they are not to be used as a definitive solution as every 3d project is different. I have categorised each...

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  • 3ds max zdepth

    Depth of field using Vray ZDepth

    Creating a simple depth of field (DOF) effect within Autodesk 3ds Max can be completed in three different ways. Ideally it would be created via the Vray Camera and set up correctly by altering the f-stop. Detailed information on how to do this can be found here. This method is calculated during rendering...

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  • bedroom interior 990x370

    Vray render settings for interior visualisation

    An advanced guide to the interior rendering of still images within Chaos Group Vray and Autodesk 3ds Max. Most will argue that there are no “universal settings” for Vray and I tend to agree. But there are steps you can take in order to get close to what you need for the majority of interior

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