• VRayLensEffects Render

    Add bloom and glare to your render using the V-Ray Lens Effects

    This tutorial shows you how to setup the V-Ray Lens Effects plugin. The effect appears in areas that are extremely bright which can sometimes lead to harsh black edges caused by over exposed pixels. The change from one extremely bright pixel to a dull pixel is what makes this anomaly happen. In real...

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  • AO_Glass_005

    V-Ray ambient occlusion through glass

    When calculating ambient occlusion, transparency is ignored completely. This means that anything positioned behind the transparent object is not visible within the ambient occlusion pass. Most methods for generating ambient occlusion suggest that you hide all your transparent objects before rendering....

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  • VRay_Stereo_001

    Create a stereoscopic image using the VRayStereoscopic helper

    A stereoscopic image consists of two versions of the same image, except one view is offset from the other. One image is meant for the left eye and the other is meant for the right eye. When these images are combined it gives the perception of 3D depth. There are various techniques for combining images...

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  • VRay_RT

    Productive techniques for amending final renders in V-Ray

    In any project it is important to maintain a productive workflow that allows for tweaks and amends to a render without it being too time consuming. One of the most common is the use of render elements in V-Ray. A final render is made up of various layers that when composted together produce what is

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  • granger_001

    Image file formats

    There are a number of file types available for saving out rendered images. The most important aspect of any image file format is to understand the information it can hold and the quality it can produce. Some image file formats offer better compression, where as others can hold more colour information...

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