• V-Ray 3 Metaballs - Bubbles 001

    Blowing bubbles using V-Ray Metaballs

    Simulating liquid behaviour in 3D applications can be a complex task and usually requires external plugins. These plugins are typically full of advanced controls for simulation that at first glance can be daunting. But for more simple simulations V-Ray Metaballs is a great alternative as you can get...

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  • M_Cloud_Phoenix_FD_014

    Create a mushroom cloud using Phoenix FD

    Learn how to use Chaos Group’s Phoenix FD to create and render realistic visual effects directly inside of 3ds Max. Phoenix FD is a dynamic fluid simulator capable of producing realistic fire, smoke and water. In this tutorial we will look at creating a realistic mushroom cloud generated from a nuclear...

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  • vray_animation_opt

    Vray animation optimisation

    Rendering animations using Vray can undoubtedly leave you in frustration when it comes to render times. The high gloss materials, reflections and displacements that you use for still images can make your total animation rendering time beyond manageable. Here is a compiled list of tips and tricks to help...

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  • Bouncing-balls-001

    Flicker free animation using Vray

    Rendering an animation using indirect illumination (GI) methods that rely on caching samples are known for producing frames that flicker. This is because the samples of each rendered frame are calculated differently, causing different lighting values per frame. To resolve this, an animation can be rendered...

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