• AMD FirePro W8100

    AMD FirePro W8100 is the sweet spot for CG Artists

    Having released their flagship GPU the very powerful FirePro W9100, AMD follow up with the W8100 which is based on the same Hawaii architecture. The W9100 has 16GB of memory and could be seen as too much for some CG artists as well as expensive. The W8100 has just 8GB of memory which is ample for

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  • AMD W9100 Flat

    Fast GPU rendering with the AMD FirePro W9100

    Both AMD and NVIDIA have long been battling it out to be the best professional GPU for CAD workstations that perform well in both 3D rendering and viewport performance. With NVIDIA typically being at the forefront, polishing their CUDA technology which is widely accepted by GPU rendering software. Whereas...

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  • banner-vray3_670x447

    What to expect in Chaos Groups upcoming V-Ray 3.0 render engine

    Chaos Group has announced a highly anticipated update to their professional render engine with the upcoming release of V-Ray 3.0. Some of the new features include speed improvements, progressive rendering, render elements in RT, unified materials and a freshly redesigned UI to suit both the novice and...

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  • GTX-TITAN-002

    GPU accelerated rendering with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN

    Since the introduction of GPU accelerated rendering, the demand for faster GPU computing has increased. The NVIDIA Quadro is the industry standard for 3D applications as their robust performance, specialised drivers and large amounts of video memory have long been a necessity when dealing with large...

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  • vrayrt_3dsmax

    Vray RT 2.0 production renderer

    Early versions of Chaos Group Vray RT presented themselves as a preview renderer and not a production renderer simply because the available features did not match up to that of its biased production renderer. This was until the release of of Vray RT 2.0 which has been branded as a production renderer....

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