• Interior_VR_View_001

    Immersive 3D Visualisation made possible with Virtual Reality

    Experience Virtual Reality By clicking the above image you will be taken to our Google Cardboard Virtual Reality demo. Although you can interact using just your PC, in order to get the full immersive experience you must combine your smart phone with a Google Cardboard VR viewer and display the content...

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  • wedding_002

    Animators Without Borders – Finding Animation Work Abroad

    The Hunt Teaching in Thailand was a lot of fun (after a few teething issues); the hours were easy and the money was good. Apart from a few difficult classes, the students were great whether they were four-year-old kindergartners or sixty-year-old factory workers. I taught them all and enjoyed them all....

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  • Pattana_001

    Animators Without Borders – Getting setup abroad

    I left ‘Dear Old Blighty’ for a two week holiday on the beaches of Thailand with nothing but a small back-pack and an overdraft. Four years later I have yet to return and am still able to travel, have fun and support myself whilst furthering my career. This series of articles will include tips, advice,...

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  • vrayrt_cornell

    Real-time rendering for next gen visualisation

    The last couple of years has seen an increase in real-time rendering solutions. Mental Images iray and Chaos Group Vray RT are two main rivals that can be integrated into your 3D CAD software. These are both raytracer’s that work by tracing a ray of light in a backwards direction from the camera, through...

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  • picasso_01

    The Picasso principle a motivational tool

    Within the design industry, there are tools that aid our creativity and over time they have become more efficient to keep up with client demand. For example sketching is now digital painting, hand drafting is now CAD development and model making is now 3d visualisation. As a result, some projects may...

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